Entertainment and dining

1、 BaMin restaurant (Chinese Restaurant)

2、 Marco Polo (Western Restaurant)

3、 Gulang Lobby Bar

4、 Gymnasium

BaMin restaurant (Chinese Restaurant):

Fujian cuisine is the most characteristic one in BaMin restaurant, Fujian culinary master- Qiang Zhentao’s apprentice in charge is especially invited and meanwhile cooperates with many famous chefs, to inherit and develop the essence of Fujian Culture, it has been renowned for “Fujian cuisine mansion”.

Fujian cuisine comprises three branches -- Fuzhou, South Fujian and West Fujian, and it is characterized by seafood and mountain delicacies. Taking the "favor" as the main line to stress the soup, with fresh and various soup and broth, the typical dishes are "sea food and poultry, clams cooked in chicken soup" etc. which are of peculiar flavor and unique taste, and mostly made by distilled grains like red yeast rice chicken and fired ribs; what an exquisite culinary art, such as lychee meat and spring rolls.

The dining room has an elegant environment, and the VIP rooms of nine different sizes are well decorated and have a good atmosphere. It is a good place for dinner and parties.

Marco Polo (Western Restaurant):

Located on the second floor of Fujian Hotel, you can enjoy a variety of delicious Chinese and Western buffet breakfasts, all kinds of exquisite Western food and drinks, fast business packages, European style of decoration, romantic dining environment, thus enabling you to get away from the usual noise and enjoy the quiet and happy here.

The normal buffet dinner is also the first choice for fast paced guests.

Gulang Lobby Bar

Gulang Lobby Bar is located at the east of the first floor of Fujian Hotel; quiet palm trees and gurgling water show the fresh and leisure in the downtown area, with beautiful piano music, you can taste tea, have a rest, make friends or negotiate here with soothing mood, and we will welcome you with the most sincere smile, polite language and standard service.

Recommended surrounding attractions

510m from the Puppet Theater and 7 minutes walking, 3 km from bird's nest and water cube and 40 minutes walking, 2.3 km from Ditan Park and Youth Lake Park and 30 minutes walking, 1.4 km from UME Studios and 19 minutes on foot, 2.6km form the Mai La Di KTV and 35 minutes on foot.